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Violin, Tango,


   I soon discovered I enjoyed learning languages. I was always surprised when anyone asked why do I study this or another language. It seems most people only study a language when they absolutely need to do it. I did it because it was interesting, because it was "fun". Some people enjoy playing music, some people enjoy listening to it, I could never play anything seriously and although I enjoy listening to it I enjoy listening to other kinds of sounds also:
   I am fascinated to hear anyone speaking a language I cannot understand and sometimes feel the urge to be able to understand it also. I take specially pleasure in trying to understand "how the language works" and to observe how idiomatic expressions are built (f.i., how in some cultures past is behind and in others past is below).
(Font size and sequence, approx. describe relative fluency: Portuguese better!...)






others* (Esperanto, Russian, Cantonese)

* studied for about one year or less and have since forgotten almost all except for a few words

Computer Languages

   When I learned my first programming language (Basic on a Teletype terminal with accoustic coupler on the telephone connection to a computer so big there were only two of those in the whole of New York State) I had no idea I would take the same pleasure in Computer Languages as I did in human languages. Because the syntax of a computer language is much shorter then that of a human language it is also easier to learn many different computer languages.
   This does not mean the same level of proficiency is reached in all languages I learned. Still when I managed to create something for a professional application in a given language I began to feel I knew something about the language, at least I could use it productively. This happened to me with several languages and programming environments; more recently mainly with Java. and I think I never used any other programming languages for so many years without interruption as I did (do!) Java. Adding to that that is the main language I have used in the  last years, I could almost say Java has become my "adoptive" native tongue.
(Font size and sequence, approx. proportional to professional experience with two Exceptions noted below)




Visual Basic


others* (Prolog, Lisp)

1 not yet professionally applied but since several years constitutes main free-time interest (in the field of computer languages)
2 the experience (in years of work) in these two is relatively large but it was a long time ago and they are not as important today (either small market value or small personal interest...)
* studied with much interest, specially Prolog also for a long time, but never had a chance to use them professionally

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