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Alexander Technique

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"Use of the Self" is the Name of a Book by F.M. Alexander and a key Concept in Alexander Technique

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Alexander Technique
("easier movement with less strain")

The Alexander Technique is a method of self learning to recover the original flexibility and easiness of movement through an increase in self conscience and conscient directing, identifying and correcting habits and patterns of movement.

Benefits/Results: improve posture without tension, move more efficiently with less effort, improve coordination and balance, breathe and speak more easily.

Where to apply: dance, theater, swimming, dentist, sitting at the computer, Zen meditation, golf, playing music instrument... any situation which involves movement, effort, posture.

How to learn?
Through a process of self-discovery and experimentation supported by a teacher of Alexander Technique in individual lessons.
Verbal directives and manual touch specifically adjusted to each person stimulate a way of dealing with one self with more awareness.

"The Alexander Technique is a method of self-help. Its purpose is to help people to avoid doing things that are harmful to their general wellbeing. The method is unique because, unlike most systems that advise people what to do or how to do it, this teaches what not to do and how to prevent it."
Walter Carrington (1915-2005)

For lessons or to discover more about Alexander Technique:

in Hamburg (the author of these pages):

António Guerreiro  in  Klein Borstel
Tel.:  040 75369258
Fax:  040 75369260

Appointments to be made by telephone (or e-mail)

Single Lessons
:  € 40.-  per Lesson

Small Groups, f.i.
two participants:  € 60.-  per 90 min. Lesson

Possible reductions, f.i.
Introduction:  € 80.-  three hours

           If desired lessons will be conducted in different languages:
        Português        English      Deutsch     Italiano    Français
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